Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Firehall Restaurant

Here's a little video we put together for The Firehall Restaurant in Oakville. I think they call this free advertising : ) Anytime your in the vicinity drop in.... they have the best wings ever..and Tuesday is the 2 for 1 special.

The link for the restaurant is

Chief Tapak Leaving Tecumseh Fire???

Can it be so??? Chief "Neveroutofwork" Tapak is reportedly leaving Tecumseh Fire on Friday, June 29th!!!
When one thinks on it it makes perfectly good sense. Looking for work now will afford him the opportunity to find a "higher up" position probably in Florida. In the event that the Chief is really fortunate he may even land a wonderful location such as Orlando so he can visit Disneyworld when his work day is done. The Chief has always loved Disneyworld and has a curious affection for the Teacup Ride. He also has confided in me that he just melts when he enters the Magic Castle. "I just feel sooooooo special whenever I walk through the majestic arches.", the Chief said.
when last seen the Chief was perusing a travel magazine with a rather large smile on his face.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Health Care (Cont'd)

Here is a list of those folks who are responsible for our health care system that Ken Racine is facing. Hey, you may have voted for these folks. Now would be the time to hold them accountable.

Contact Information for Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty

Email Address

Email Form

Mailing Address
The Honourable Dalton McGuinty
Premier of Ontario
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A1

Phone Number
(416) 325-1941

Fax Number
(416) 325-3745

Bruce Crozier, Deputy Speaker
Essex, Liberal

Rm 169, Main Legislative Building
Toronto ON M7A 1A4 Tel : 416-325-7298
Fax: 416-325-9003

78 Talbot St N
Essex ON N8M 1A2

Tel : 519-776-6420
Fax : 519-776-5763
Toll Free : 1-800-265-3909

Hon. Dwight Duncan, Minister of Energy
Windsor-St. Clair, Liberal

Ministry of Energy
Hearst Block, 4th Flr, 900 Bay St
Toronto ON M7A 2E1

Tel : 416-325-1398
Fax : 416-325-2201

2 - 4808 Tecumseh Rd E
Windsor ON N8T 1B8

Tel : 519-251-5199
Fax : 519-251-5299

Hon. Sandra Pupatello, Minister of Education, Minister Responsible for Women's Issues
Windsor West, Liberal

Ministry of Education
900 Bay St, 22nd Floor, Mowat Block
Toronto ON M7A 1L2
Tel : 416-325-2600
Fax : 416-325-2608
Toll Free : 1-888-789-4199

1483 Ouellette Ave
Windsor ON N8X 1K1

Tel : 519-977-7191
Fax : 519-977-7029

Contact Joe Comartin

Parliament Hill:

713 Justice Building, House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A OA6
Fax: (613) 947-3448
Tel: (613) 947-3445

Constituency Office:

1304B Lauzon Road
Windsor, ON N8S 3N1

Fax: (519) 988-0152
Tel: (519) 988-1826

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Health Coverage?

I received this note from Ken Racine's wife Cindy .... Once you read her note you will see the need to step in and rectify our current health care system. For those of you in and around Windsor and the rest of Ontario please contact your local MP and at least try to apply some pressure so this abuse stops. If this kind of treatment can happen to Ken it certainly can happen to any of the rest of us and our families. Canadians, according to some, have the reputation of being apathetic at times and we come with an "Oh well" attitude. Now is the time to stop this thought process... do something.

Hi John, this is ken's wife, Cindy. I would like to ask you to send something for me over your vast internet of contacts. Ken underwent some nuclear testing at the beginning of May. We were informed that all indications were that he had had a silent heart attack, probably during the winter, and he needed bypass surgery. An angiogram was done on May 24 and it confirmed that he needed 5 bypasses right away. After two trips to London and being bumped off the "high priority" list several times, we finally got our surgery date for Thursday, June 21. Our kids took the day off work, (my youngest son left his wife with their new baby) and Ken and I went down in the morning for 10:00 a.m. We booked a room near the hospital and checked in and then went to University Hospital where he was to have his surgery. After a few hours of preparation we were told to say our goodbyes as they were ready to take him in. As you can imagine, after weeks of being put on and off the list at the last minute, it was a very emotional time for us all. We knew he needed the surgery but of course you realize also that it could be the last time you see him alive. Half an hour later we are paiged back upstairs and are told that his surgery has been delayed. We go in and there is Ken - they had him on the operating table, hooked up for his surgery, they were about to give him his anaesthetic. All of a sudden the phone rang and they told him they had to bring him back outside - they had an emergency. Someone from that morning had problems and they had to rush him back to surgery. This was so traumatic - we were all in shock. We tried to stay calm and did so for the whole, long afternoon. Then at 3:00 we were told they would be doing his surgery soon. Then at 5:00 the doctor came out and said it couldnt be done and that Ken wouldnt want him operating after the day he had anyway. We sympathized and said "so is he to be done in the morning then". Oh no, the doctor said, I have no o.r. time tomorrow. Our Liberal government has cut hundreds of hours off my o.r. schedule for the months of June, July and August. You will all have to go home and I will have to look at my schedule at the beginning of the week to see when this can be done. You can't even imagine the disbelief - this man was told months ago to never miss taking his Plavix because last year he had a stent put in and this medication was crucial. He has now been told to stay off it since Jule 11 because any day he could be called for surgery. Have you ever heard of anything like this. It is a virtual nightmare and should not be tolerated. Please, ask the Union and all the contacts you have to write, call, email their local MPs and insist that this situation be changed immediately. I wouldnt want anyone to go through what we have been through. By the time Ken gets his bypass, he may be in the situation the poor guy they bumped him for is in. People sure want firefighters to rush to their aid don't they - but boy don't ask for any help when you need it. I think this is just pathetic and a pox on our whole Province that we are treated this way when politicians get private care and immediate attention. Any thoughts you have I sure would appreciate hearing from you.

Friday, June 22, 2007

FDNY Firefighter Killed Battling Brooklyn Blaze

Editors' Note: I'm trying to find the proper balance of humor and sentiment for the blog. Unfortunately there has been a lot of terrible news lately that I can't seem to find the balance right now.

FDNY Firefighter Killed Battling Brooklyn Blaze - In The Line Of Duty:

"The FDNY is mourning the loss of one of its own. A firefighter with just 20 months on the job, slipped on a ladder and fell to his death. Eyewitness News reporter Patricia Wu is live outside Ladder Company 146 in Greenpoint with the latest.

Daniel Pujdak died doing a job he loved to do. His mother said he love being a firefighter because he love to help people.
The fire scene remained lit into the night. Fire Marshalls, working to learn exactly what killed a fellow firefighter.

Meanwhile the men of Ladder Company 146 didn't want to talk. Outside their fire house in Greenpoint, their truck sat unmanned. Their flag, lowered to half mast.

Daniel Pujdak of Fresh Meadows was just 23. He had been a New York City firefighter for two years.

'While he was climbing down...he fell from the parapet and died from his injuries,' Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta said."

Loss prompts grief, provokes questions

Thanks to Gary Spratt for this article (click on link below for more info).

This article really leads us all to the point of never forgetting to be diligent and not becoming unaware of our surroundings. There is no blame to lay here as the events are extraordinary. What is important is the fact that we should never take any action for granted. Stay safe.

Loss prompts grief, provokes questions:

"Charleston firefighters thought they knew what they were getting into when they were called to a blaze Monday at the Sofa Super Store. They had studied the sprawling furniture outlet and prepared a detailed plan of what they might encounter should a fire break out.

But their experience and preparation proved worthless when what seemed like a minor fire exploded through the building, overwhelming the crews caught in its path.

The nine firefighters who died in the blaze were killed by severe burns and smoke. Charleston County Coroner Rae Wooten said Wednesday that autopsies determined that the collapsing roof may have trapped the firefighters, but it did not kill them."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Reports Say 9 Firefighters Killed in South Carolina Sofa Store Blaze

Reports Say 9 Firefighters Killed in South Carolina Sofa Store Blaze - In The Line Of Duty: "CHARLESTON, S.C. - Charleston Mayor Joe Riley confirmed on CNN this morning that nine firefighters were were killed Monday night in a massive blaze at a sofa store and warehouse here.

Most were killed he said, when a large set of shelves collapsed in the rear of the one-story building. He did not think there were sprinklers in the building. He also said the firefighters were looking for employees at the time and had no warning about the impending tragedy."

French Canadian Technology???

Arty Caza sent me this beaut.... Am I wrong or do these folks still want to run their own country???
Should be interesting at best. Can you imagine these folks at the border when we try to enter Quebec? hehe.

By the way... if you're of French Canadian heritage and cant find the humour ... get over it.... as a Brit I can attest to the fact that a few folks have had fun with me over the years. : )

Monday, June 18, 2007

High Rise Rescue Unit

This is a pretty interesting video. I'm sure most of the working folks know a lot about the Escape Rescue Systems high rise outfit. For those of you who don't watch the video and you'll get the idea pretty quick. An engineering wonder at best.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

NEJM -- Heart Disease Deaths among Firefighters

NEJM -- Heart Disease Deaths among Firefighters:

"To the Editor: It is somewhat surprising that the report by Kales and colleagues (March 22 issue)1 on emergency duties and deaths from heart disease among firefighters in the United States does not cite the possible influence of carbon monoxide as a causative factor in deaths due to coronary heart disease among firefighters suppressing a fire. There is no doubt about the role of moderate and severe carbon monoxide intoxication in myocardial injury or long-term mortality of cardiac origin.2 We performed a study that showed that even in the case of mild carbon monoxide intoxication (carboxyhemoglobin level, <25%), 4% of patients have ischemic changes.3 It has been reported that firefighters who are nonsmokers and who do not use self-contained breathing apparatus correctly may have carboxyhemoglobin levels of up to 14%.4 Even when such apparatus are used correctly, the carboxyhemoglobin level can reach 9.1%.5 We suggest that the increase in cardiovascular demand during fire suppression reported by Kales and colleagues may be partially due, on the one hand, to elevated carboxyhemoglobin levels and, on the other hand, to the union of carbon monoxide with mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase, which directly interferes with cellular respiration.2"

Wisconsin Firefighter Collapses During Training

Wisconsin Firefighter Collapses During Training - In The Line Of Duty:

"An autopsy is being conducted today to determine the cause of death of a Wisconsin firefighter who collapsed during a training drill Tuesday night.

David Allan Rufer, 42, of the Monroe Fire Department had been involved in regulator training just prior to collapsing, said Deputy Chief Lane Heins.

The volunteer/paid on call firefighters were on a 20 minute break after performing hose drills while wearing SCBAs. 'We were getting cleaned up, and getting ready for the next evolution when he collapsed,' Heins said.

Fellow firefighters immediately attempted to revive him. The effort was continued en route to Monroe Clinic where he was pronounced dead."

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ypsilanti EMT loved firefighting and flying

Ypsilanti EMT loved firefighting and flying:

Ypsilanti EMT loved firefighting and flying

Santiago Esparza / The Detroit News

When longtime airplane buff Rick Lapensee got a job helping fly organs for medical transplants three years ago, he couldn't stop talking about it.

Lapensee, a 48-year-old Van Buren Township resident who also was a longtime Ypsilanti firefighter and emergency medical technician, was aboard a plane that crashed Monday afternoon in Lake Michigan while returning to the University of Michigan with organs for a critically ill patient. Authorities said this morning there did not appear to be any survivors among the six people on board the plane."

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tom Serbu Retired (Who Knew?)

Tom Serbu informed me lately that he had retired from the job on Nov.30,2006! Who knew? Tom started on the Job on Jan. 26,1966 which makes him pretty damned old as far as I can tell. I believe Gary Percy started one day before Tom and the word "retirement" is still not a part of Gary's vocabulary as of this date.

Somehow I cant see Tom starting to work at this point in his life : )

On a serious note ... Congrats Tom!!!

More Promotions

I just received news about these promotions

Effective 0800 hours on Sunday, June 3, 2007

Captain William Hopkins is promoted to District Chief, Fire & Rescue

Firefighter Gerald Pfaff is promoted to Captain, Fire & Rescue

Congrats to both!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007


Nice little video of a backdraft....

January Promotions

Better late than never ... congrats to these guys and their recent promotions:

January 7th, 2007

FF James Creamer promoted to Captain, Fire Rescue
FF Kenneth McAgy promoted to Captain, Fire Rescue
FF Timothy Dennis promoted to Captain, Fire Rescue
FF David Harding promoted to Captain, Fire Rescue
FF Andrew Broderick promoted to Captain, Fire Rescue
Captain Peter Hryniuk promoted to District Chief, Fire Rescue
Captain Donald Vernes promoted to District Chief, Fire Rescue

Good work, Fellas... stay safe!

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