Friday, August 31, 2007

Miracles Still Happen

Everyone once in a while we need to stop and express our gratitude publicly, to give credit where credit is due.

Some of the Windsor firefighters may have been at the funeral service in Burlington for Firefighter Wayne Topping and knowing we were in the area noticed we were not present.

Well, we were at the HIU (Heart Investigation Unit) of Hamilton General Hospital recovering from a miracle.

Jeannie (my wife of 8 weeks) was admitted for a simple angiogram due to some significant changes noted by her cardiologist. Some of you may know she has coped (very well) with cardiomyopathy (heart disease) for about 30 years.

When the angiogram was preformed the cardiologist reported to her that they had found her problem and that they were going to fix it. When she asked if he meant “now” he replied “oh yes”. It is normal for this cardiac unit to proceed whenever possible to correct a problem while the patient is right there instead of making another appointment. Jeannie reports that during the procedure the doctors and staff were fantastic, always checking her condition and very attentive to her but she did hear the talk of “stents and sutures”. After the procedure we discovered that miracles still happen in a matter of moments. Jeannie’s main heart artery (LAD), the one that is responsible for sudden death heart attacks with usually no chance for CPR, was more than 90% blocked and the doctors began edging a catheter balloon in by millimeters, enlarging the balloon, followed by an 8mm stent. Just as they had almost reached the other side of the blockage the artery tore. This is where credit is due, the doctor and staff calmly, efficiently and, we believe directed by God, inserted a 2nd stent (12mm) and sutured the artery around both stents in a mater of moments.

We thank God the physicians and staff for this miracle. Jeannie’s goal has always been to dance at her grandchildrens' weddings; recently we danced with them at ours. Less than 48 hours ago it looks like that goal will be a go.

We would appreciate you saying thanks for the miracles your have in your life, either big or small, and of course would appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts for a continued rapid recovery.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

South Carolina Shines

Well, well, well... Let's all hale the next generation shall we? Who says the future is doomed??? Just imagine Miss Teen South Carolina in the White House.
Ok, now that I've had my fun ... where did I leave my car keys????

Sunday, August 26, 2007


September 14, 15, 16

14th Gala Dinner at McKenzie Hall $55

Each Ticket Has the Opportunity to Win a Weekend in Toronto by VIA Rail

(Winner will be drawn Sunday evening)

Entertainment by ‘General Brock’

Fireworks @ 9:30 at the foot of Mill St

15th @ 11:00 AM Parade 40 Entries Including Caribbean Dancers and Steel Drum Band

@ 2:00 Reenactment of Slaves crossing to freedom, complete with Bounty Hunters, Participants assisting the slaves will be 1st Nation, Dutch & French. This event is being filmed for release throughout North America.

16th Continuing with all venues.****

Steak Dinner Bedford United Church

**** Throughout the 3 day events

Special Events all day activities for kids, on going Gospel choirs, and continuous entertainment

Free Hot Dogs for the kids.

Food, Rib Dinners $15.00 Chicken Dinners $12 @ the Mill

Multiple Vendors at the Riverfront

Contact Information & Tickets for the Gala

Counselor Ron Jones

Office 519-252-1005


Proceeds towards the restoration efforts of Sandwich Baptist Church

Fallen Firefighter's Entourage

On the morning of Friday August 24th a Burlington ON firefighter died while performing an extrication exercise. Wayne Topping, 45, collapsed before a panel of judges after completing a scenario with his teammates at a competition in Indiana.

The message below from the Windsor Fire & Rescue Services dispatch supervisor describes Wayne Topping's final ride home from the United States.

It is at times such as these when we as firefighters, retired or active, realize what a proud profession we all are a part of.

On behalf of my wife, Jeannie, who's ideas fueled the concept of The Phoenix Blog, and myself we share in the sorrow of fire fighter Topping's family and the brothers and sisters of the Burlington Fire Department

Don't know if you had heard about this FF or not. But his body was brought back to Canada today around noon. He had a police escort (Michigan State Police) all the way to the bridge where he was met by the Windsor Fire dept and Burlington fire fighters and OPP. They had a ceremony of sorts where they draped his casket with the Canadian Flag before escorting him out of the City with the OPP escorting him. Engine 5 stood at the corner of Huron Church and Cabana and LaSalle stood on the other side of the street.

As he drove on the 401, he was met by Lakeshore Fire Dept who escorted him to the County Lines where he was then escorted by Chatham Kent. After that, it was London and St Thomas.

Sometimes it just makes you proud to be here!

Burlington firefighter dies in contest

BURLINGTON -- An Ontario firefighter who died suddenly during an international fire extrication competition in Indianapolis, Ind., will receive a full fire department funeral.

Wayne Topping, 45, collapsed before a panel of judges after completing a scenario with his teammates from the Burlington Fire Department on Friday morning.

The married father of two sons and one stepson was originally from St. Thomas, but moved to Burlington several years ago.

Topping joined the Burlington Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter in 1998 and became a full-time firefighter in 2000.

He was recognized twice with an award for best medic in his two years with the department's auto extrication team.

The funeral is tentatively scheduled for 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fire Alarms and Children

Here's a disturbing video regarding fire alarms and how they could not wake kids up during an alarm.

Arkansas Firefighter Dies From Fall

A volunteer firefighter from Arkansas was killed Friday morning from injuries sustained in a fall from a bridge.

Lt. Paul D. Baker, 39, of Turtle Creek Volunteer Fire Department, lost his footing while involved in an extrication of a patient from a single-vehicle crash on the I-30 bridge over the Saline River.

Baker fell about 40 feet, landing on the river bank.

Some rescue personnel from Benton and Turtle Creek ran to assist him, while others remained with the seriously injured, trapped patient, said Benton Fire Chief Ben Blankenship.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ontario Deputy Chief Killed in Crash

Ontario Deputy Chief Killed in Crash - In The Line Of Duty

Addington Highlands deputy fire chief was killed in a fatal collision Sunday afternoon responding to a motor vehicle collision on Highway 7.

William Salmond, 65, was driving a fire department tanker truck, heading eastbound on Flinton Road to respond to a motor vehicle collision on Highway 7 in Kaladar.

As the truck approached the intersection with Highway 41, Salmond was unable to stop the vehicle and it went through the intersection, struck a parked, unoccupied vehicle and rolled into the east ditch. Salmond was ejected from the vehicle.

North Carolina Chief Dies at Firehouse

North Carolina Chief Dies at Firehouse - In The Line Of Duty

SWEPSONVILLE, N.C. -- Funeral arrangements are set for Saturday for the deputy fire chief found dead in his bunk here Wednesday morning.

Jerry Donley, 45, had been engaged in a firefighting operation on Monday, and reported for duty on Tuesday as scheduled. He cleaned up equipment from the fire, and responded on EMS calls during his shift.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Latest Update On George

I copied this from the Fire website regarding George.

Update - George Copeland - Wheeling About

August 7th, 2007 :

I went to see George the other day. George was nowhere to be found. I called him later that evening and George said he was outside riding around on his new motorized chair. He is moving his right arm enough to operate the joy stick on the chair. The staff has been working with him in therapy from 8:30-4:30 each day. He still has tingling in his legs and is encouraged by that. He feels he has some new freedom with his chair and every opportunity he has he leaves the hospital to enjoy the sun. There is a maze of sidewalks around the property and he uses every part of it. George has a good positive attitude. He says wherever the road goes for him he will still not loose hope. He always has visitors from the guys at the firehall and he thanks them. The staff all love him and speak highly of George. What's not to like. He has always been a charmer. George always enjoys his visitors. He does get tired after his therapy during the weekdays. He enjoys his Saturdays and Sundays as there is no therapy on those days.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Global Warming Consequences

Now here is what could really actually happen if we don't start to pay attention to "Global Warming"..... Save the Polar Bears from this terrible consequence!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Adventures of the New Deputy

Alas, another stolen audio tape that was delivered to me via an inside source. The following was recorded just after "Big Al" Reaume took over the reins as the second Deputy Chief's position.

sound of knocking on door

Old Deputy: Come in

BA (Big Al): Good morning, "Chief" (chuckle, chuckle)

OD (Old Deputy): Good morning, Al; can I help you with something?

BA: Ya, start clearing out your desk... I'm taking over the office.

OD: No way... I was here first!

BA: I know you were but this is where Pat used to sit and I want it. Besides, there's a new sheriff in town and I'm it.

OD: Gee, where did you pick that line up from???

BA: I got that famous line from Matt Beasley when he transferred to the Training Division years ago.

OD: Oh ok....

Sound of more knocking on door

BA & OD: Come in. (nice harmonizing)

New Assistant (Q): Hi Team, does anyone know where my new office is?

BA & OD: NO... come back in five minutes; were busy here.

Q: OK.... I'll be back in 10.

Sound of door closing.

BA: Now, let me see ... where will I put my new desk?

OD: NEW DESK????? You're getting a new desk????????????

BA: Of course; New Deputy equals New Desk; get it???

OD: Well... then I want a new desk too!!!

BA: No problem ... but you'll have to find a new office to fit it in... hahahaha.

OD: Hey, no problem ... as long as I get a new desk... I can work anywhere.

BA: Hummm... well, the hose tower is usually empty... maybe we can fit you in down there.....

OD: No way... I want a window in my office!

Sound of knocking on door

Q: Can I come in now?

BA: Sure.. welcome to the new team

OD: Well.... What about that new window????????

BA: Q, contact one the firefighters and see who installs windows and give them a call for the hose tower, ok?

Q: Sure; wow my first task as the new Assistant....

OD: Great.. I'll start moving some stuff to my new office.

Sound of knocking on door

BA (aka New Deputy): Come in...

Chief: Good morning BA; welcome to your new position; how are things going this morning?

BA: Just fine, Chief ... everything is under control.

Sound of phone ringing...

BA: Hello, New Deputy Chief Reaume talkin' at ya

Tapak: Hi Al... say, Pal, ... are you looking for a third Deputy Chief? I'm available you know.

BA: Bob who?????

Sound of phone ringing

Percy: Hi Al..... This is ....... Percy...

Sound of phone....


And so... the tape ends at this spot... but clearly it will be continued... and a special thank you for all the inside sources that contributed to this story.... I do believe this is a home grown

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