Saturday, November 02, 2013

10 Years Out

Well.... it's been10 years since I retired and have loved every minute of it!!!! Retirement is the World's best kept secret.. lol.
What I enjoyed most that evening on Halloween October 31, 2003 was the party at Rob Higgin's place "Kokopelli's"! For anyone who attended here are a few photos of the evening. I would suppose that most of you have aged somewhat over the years as I have. It was a great night. Thanks to all who attended. In the event that you're photo isn't displayed... Cry me a river...join a self help group ... it wasn't because you weren't loved... lol.

The Chief and Assistant. Great memories.

 This is one reason we should consider outlawing Hawaiian shirts!

 These guys could be mistaken for brothers ... mainly because they were old back then!

 The lovely Linda and the old guy

 Kris..(left) .who did a great job chauffeuring me from station to station during my last week of employment. 

 Kevin wouldn't pay my price to keep the picture a secret so the picture went up...: )

 Tough guys!! This group should have been cast in the movie "Wiseguys"

Rob Donaldson (left)... Rob Higgins on the right who was a great host for the evening. Served chicken wings with perfect timing...(inside joke)

 Ask the guy on the right where his brother and him left the guy who was asleep in the back seat of the car they borrowed.

The Training officers who filled the empty space when I retired...good job, Guys....

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